All Natural Anti-Fungal Horse Rinse


A true "Miracle in a Bottle"! Equiganics All Natural Antifungal Rinse is a formula 25 years in the making!

Cleanses and deodorizes the coat, mane and tail without harsh soap or sulfates and leaves the coat looking amazing, even after just one use. The carefully selected ingredients do not strip the coat of its natural oils. Regular use helps to clear and prevent common skin irritations like, rain rot, fungus, summer sores, scratches and many other minor irritations by properly balancing skin pH. Promotes regrowth of hair loss resulting from rubs or other common skin conditions.

Naturally biodegradable and does not harm the water table or ornamental plants and grass.

Guaranteed to improve coat and skin condition and decrease the frequency of bathing. 

Customer Reviews

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All Nat. Anti Fungal Rinse

Love the product...leaves a great shine to the coat. Not thrilled with the packaging. Through habit, I had take the top off and picked up the product when it spilled all over due to me accidentally 'squeezing' the package.


This product has worked miracles for our FL horses. Their coats are dappled and NO fungus ! Florida is a very difficult climate, because of the extreme heat and humidity. Great customer reviews.



Great Product! Clears Up Fungus and Rain Rot.

I have been very impressed with the results of using this product. With all of the recent rain in Florida my horse had developed fungus on the backs of his legs and on his butt and face. This product has made a huge difference. I highly recommend it. Plus the company has great customer service.

Great for Senisitive Skin

I wanted to let you know that I love it! My horse had rain rot and i tried a few other shampoos, but they irritated her skin because it's very sensitive. She also gets really bad fly bites, so I was happy to see that your rinse helps with that too. After a few washes with it, the rain rot is gone and it doesn't irritate her skin. Overall her coat looks a lot healthier. Thanks for helping us out, I will continue to use this rinse!