Organic Natural Horse Wash Products
Organic Horse Wash  

Equiganics Natural Horse Wash

Equiganics natural horse wash leaves the coat looking amazing, even after just one use and does not strip the coat of natural oils. Regular use helps to clear and prevent common skin irritations like, rain rot, fungus, summer sores, scratches and many other minor irritations. Garunteed to keep your horse looking cleaner with fewer baths.

The Environmental Impact of Shampoos

Wastewater that is discharged from your wash rack ends up directly in the surrounding area, ground water, soil, and nearby ponds. This “wastewater” can be very harmful to soil, waster systems, and surrounding plant life. All of the chemicals we use in the wash rack affect our surroundings far quicker than any other type of

Our products do not contain any harmful chemicals that affect the environment. In fact, many of the ingredients in our products are frequently used in gardens for the overall benefit of plant life and surrounding eco systems.